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Levee Stabilisation

Levees play a critical role in managing water levels and protecting communities from potential flood damage. However, the natural forces of erosion, heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels pose substantial threats to the integrity of levees. 

The process of levee stabilisation becomes paramount to maintaining their functionality, and ensuring the safety and security of the communities they protect.

Swales and Drains

Swales and Drains are essential components in stormwater management systems, designed to collect and convey runoff water from heavy rain or melting snow. However, these slopes can still erode over time due to high volumes of water or fast-flowing runoff.  Without proper protection, swales and drains can become damaged, leading to costly repairs and maintenance.

Slopes & Batters

Erosion is a common occurrence on slopes and batters, often exacerbated by heavy rain or strong winds. If left untreated, erosion can lead to slope failures and costly repairs. To prevent surface erosion on slopes and batters, a durable and eco-friendly solution that can stand up to the Australian elements is essential. This is where EcoArmour® comes in.

Bund & Culvert Linings

Bunds and culverts are integral components of our environmental and civil infrastructure, serving a crucial role in water management and conveyance. However,  they are often prone to erosion due to their location and constant water flow.

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