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Bund & Culvert Linings

The EcoArmour® Difference

Engineered specifically for long-lasting protection of bund and culvert linings, EcoArmour is specifically designed to withstand the harsh water flows typical of these environments. 

Here’s how EcoArmour® can efficiently protect your site:


A High-Performance Solution

EcoArmour® offers durable and long-lasting protection against harsh climates and extreme weather conditions. With superior abrasion resistance and UV/chemical resistance, and functional longevity for over 20 years, making it ideal for bunds and culvert linings.


Compliance And Safety

Our product meets meets all transport and main roads specifications, including MRSW52, 20601P, and 20605P of the State of Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads in 2021.


Designed with Precision

All components of EcoArmour®  are designed and manufactured in Australia. With a drying time of only 4 hours depending on ambient temperatures, EcoArmour is a fast-acting erosion solution for any application. The hydrophobic fibre matrix adjusts to the treated substrate, moving with it without cracking or chipping, ensuring the highest quality, durability, and protection for bunds and culverts.


Customizable Aesthetic Appeal

EcoArmour® can be tinted to blend with the surrounding environment, offering a range of colors from light grays, browns, reds, and greens. This feature allows for seamless integration into any landscape, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while providing robust protection.

Application Excellence

The application of EcoArmour to bunds and culverts is a streamlined process that ensures complete coverage and adherence:

Site Assessment

Our technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of the site to determine the optimal application strategy.

Surface Preparation

The bund or culvert surface is prepared to ensure that the EcoArmour mixture will adhere correctly.

Precision Application

Using specialized HydroRig™ canon, EcoArmour is hydraulically applied to the structures, ensuring even coverage and immediate adhesion.

Quality Assurance

After application, the site is reviewed to ensure the integrity and uniformity of the protective coating.

Ready to Protect Your Infrastructure?

EcoArmour offers the perfect solution to protect and maintain the durability and integrity of your bunds and culverts. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and learn how EcoArmour can be customized to meet the specific needs of your project.

To get started with EcoArmour, please fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you achieve durable and efficient protection solutions for bund and culvert linings.