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Slopes & Batters

Experience The Power Of EcoArmour®

EcoArmour® is specially designed to provide protection against surface water flow, wind, and rain on slopes and batters. Its unique blend of minerals, binding agents, and interlocking fibers creates a robust yet flexible material that conforms to the surface. This allows for the substrate to be protected and stabilized, preventing further erosion.

Here’s how EcoArmour® can efficiently protect your site:


A Weatherproof Solution

With its superior abrasion resistant coating, EcoArmour® holds the substrate in place while eliminating erosion caused by rain and wind. Its advanced bonding technology and UV and chemical resistance create a long-lasting crust that stabilizes soil surfaces and prevents erosion, protecting slopes and batters.


Compliant And Safe

EcoArmour complies with the transport and main roads standards outlined by the State of Queensland (Department of Transport and Main Roads) in 2021, including MRSW52, 20601P, and 20605P. EcoArmour® meets all the necessary specifications, ensuring quality and adherence to regulations.


Quick Drying Time

In just 4 hours (subject to ambient temperature), EcoArmour® cures quickly, allowing for immediate erosion control upon application.  This speed of application ensures sites are not affected by long closure periods, providing minimal disruption to your project.


Customizable Aesthetic Appeal

EcoArmour® offers a customizable color range, including light grays, browns, reds, and greens, that can be perfectly matched to the surrounding environment. This unique feature ensures a seamless integration into any landscape, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and providing exceptional protection.

Seamless Application Process

The process of applying EcoArmour to Slopes & Batters is a seamless and efficient method that guarantees comprehensive coverage and adherence. Our hydraulic application process reduces the need for a larger workforce working directly on hazardous slopes.

Site Assessment

Our technicians perform a comprehensive assessment of the site to determine the most effective approach for application.

Surface Preparation

The slope or batter surface is prepared to ensure that the EcoArmour mixture will adhere correctly.

Precision Application

Using specialized HydroRig equipment, EcoArmour is hydraulically applied to the surface, ensuring even coverage and immediate adhesion.

Quality Assurance

Each project comes with a tailored Quality Management Plan and Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) to identify and record project specifications and requirements, ensuring quality and compliance.

Ready to Protect Your Infrastructure?

Contact us for a consultation and see how EcoArmour can provide lasting protection for your slopes and batters.  With our expert application methods, quality materials, and tailored guarantees, we are confident in achieving successful results for your project.