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Swales and Drains

The EcoArmour® Advantage

EcoArmour® offers a unique advantage when it comes to reinforcing and protecting swales and drains with its superior erosion control. With the proven resilience and adaptability of EcoArmour®, these crucial stormwater management systems can withstand the test of time and harsh environmental conditions.

Here’s how EcoArmour® can benefit swales and drains:


A High-Performance Solution

EcoArmour® provides a durable solution for strengthening swales and drains. Its advanced bonding technology, superior resistance to abrasion, and UV/chemical resistance create a long-lasting coating that stabilises soil surfaces and prevents erosion, protecting swale and drains.


Compliance And Safety

Our product meets all transport and main roads specifications, including MRSW52, 20601P, and 20605P set by the State of Queensland (Department of Transport and Main Roads) in 2021.


Immediate Erosion Control

EcoArmour dries within 4 hours, depending on the surrounding temperature. Its binding agents,and interlocking fibres create a robust, yet flexible, material that conforms to the surface below, locking in place with incredible resilience. This ensures the utmost quality, durability, and protection for swales and drains.


Customizable Tint

EcoArmour® can be tinted to blend with the surrounding environment, offering a range of colors from light grays, browns, reds, and greens. This feature allows for seamless integration into any landscape, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while providing robust protection.

Application Excellence

The application of EcoArmour to swales and drains is a streamlined process that ensures complete coverage and adherence:

Site Assessment

Our technicians perform a comprehensive assessment of the site to determine the most effective approach for application.

Surface Preparation

The swales or drains surface is prepared to ensure that the EcoArmour mixture will adhere correctly.

Precision Application

Using specialized HydroTruck equipment, EcoArmour is hydraulically applied to the structures, ensuring even coverage and immediate adhesion.

Quality Assurance

Once the application is complete, the site undergoes a thorough review to verify the integrity and consistency of the protective coating.

Ready to Protect Your Infrastructure?

Contact us for a consultation and see how EcoArmour can provide lasting protection for your swales and drains. Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in EcoArmour® today and safeguard your infrastructure for years to come.

Download our brochure and view our product decision table to learn more about how EcoArmour® can benefit your project.