EcoArmour is a market leader, paving the way and redefining erosion control measures throughout Australia. As specialists in our industry, we have engineered a sophisticated product solution that is changing the way our clients approach environmental impact within the mining, civil, infrastructure, rail, defence and agriculture sectors. Our core values are designed to provide safe, effective and durable results that meet our client’s long-term goals and objectives.

One of the most common issues that arises within the dryer regions of Australia is natural erosion, often defined as an interlinking group of processes that progressively move soil and rock hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres away from its original location. This widespread concern causes significant economic and environmental damage to varying substrates nationally every year. This movement is the result of flowing agents, such as wind and water, that cause soil fragments to dislodge into micro-particles. This cycle has become a significant problem for our clients, as the insurmountable airborne dust created during this process can cause unstable work environments and significant health concerns.

Before EcoArmour, we thoroughly investigated the tradition erosion control methods on the market and compiled our research to develop a top of the range solution that exceeded all available products. We recognised that there was room for improvement and the scientific resources in existence would allow us to engineer a product that surpassed conventional methods.

More formally referred to as our erosion control blanket; EcoArmour is a combination of minerals, interlocking fibres, and specialty binders to form a lasting, non-flammable coating that can outlast environmental conditions for up two decades. The solution establishes an intertwining matrix that permeates into the substrate upon application, creating a strong yet durable shield that can move with ground below, without altering the surface integrity.

Trialled and tested – this unique formula has surpassed all relevant main road and transport regulations, which has expanded our prospects with companies inside the civil and infrastructure sectors that require erosion control for; roadsides batters, vertical walls, steep slopes, drains, swales, levees and as bund culvert lining. The delivery process involves the use of highly sophisticated plant and equipment often referred to as a HydroTruck, designed to safely and effectively disperse product at an extraordinary rate through purpose-built hoses or cannons. Once hydraulically applied to the surface, EcoArmour provides our clients with high shear resistance erosion control in a matter of hours.

Other Solutions

Before committing to a product solution, every customer does their due diligence in investigating all methods on the market. During your research, you may have come across various erosion control methods, such as Shotcrete, Concrete Canvas, and Posi-Shell. From the perspective of multiple recommendations and product viewpoints, these solutions individually may seem like viable options, however, are all subject to floors that may impinge on your project outcome including safety, finances, effectiveness, durability and sustainability.

We have compiled and built a product profile on each of these prominent erosion control products to support our understanding that EcoArmour is the solution of choice.


Concrete Canvas

Traditionally stored in a fabric roll and laid out to measure before being tacked into place, the Concrete Canvas is then moistened with water to encourage a fire-resistant layer.

The most significant concern with Concrete Canvas is the safety hazards associated with the installation process. Our company aligns itself with strict regulations on all processes and procedures and believe that this methodology doesn’t meet our standards of safety. The core risks associated with using this product is the potential for employee injury during the application of high gradient batters and slopes. Although safety remains our primary concern, time and money are also a factor. This product requires several employees to effectively implement the solution, which leads to large overheads and a short term result.


A process involving air or hydraulic pressure to apply mortar or concrete directly onto a mesh foundation set within the application area.

Shotcrete goes against our environmentally sustainable practices as it often provides an extensive amount of wastage with each job application. There are also varied factors that must be considered when laying the product, such as environmental temperature and equipment which can cause the product to become weakened when dried. The movement of the substrate beneath can also interrupt the integrity of the product as an erosion control method.


Usually hydraulically dispursed in a liquefied form, Posi-Shell consists of clay binders, polymers, and fibres and designed to deliver a thin adhesive layer.

It is typically designed to create a thin coating over waste to prevent odours from expelling into the environment and reaching nearby communities. Although specifically designed for waste management, Posi-Shell has expanded into other sectors such as erosion control. Due to Posi-Shell’s original engineered purpose, it doesn’t provide extensive erosion control and can be an expensive process considering the increased benefits that alternative products offer.

Erosion control is an issue that requires prompt and effective action; therefore, it is vital to distinguish the most efficient solution, underpinned with long-lasting results. If you require an erosion control solution that is effective, durable, cost-effective and maintains highly regulated safety protocols, then look no further than EcoArmour, Australia’s leading erosion control method.

If you would like to learn more about this solution and how we can help with your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact the team below.