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Why the Defence Industry Needs EcoArmour And Its Advantages

In addressing the pressing erosion control challenges within the defence industry, EcoArmour emerges as a game-changing solution, uniquely tailored to meet the industry’s specific requirements. 

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, our synthetic blankets are engineered for spraying through high-pressure hydroseeder equipment, quickly setting in a matter of hours. 

Our advanced technology offers immediate and long-lasting erosion control, ensuring the stability of various surfaces in the military base and training ground for over two decades, while its non-flammable crust effectively combats erosion caused by rain and wind, providing a robust protective layer for critical defence infrastructure. 

Additionally, its hydrophobic fibre matrix allows for strength and stability even in the most challenging terrains, making it an indispensable asset for the defence industry’s comprehensive erosion control needs. 

By offering a ‘set and forget’ solution, our erosion control blanket ensures safe and efficient installation, and once installed, it requires minimal maintenance. EcoArmour epitomises a pioneering approach to erosion control, ensuring the sustained security and longevity of essential defence installations and landscapes.